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Live Betting- Bet on Sports Live

The newest feature to online sportbooks is the ability to bet after the start of the game, live betting is a gate way to get better odds and find winning picks. Imagine placing a bet with ten seconds to go in the NBA Finals and on Kobe to win the game on the final shot, you can at sportbooks that offer live betting. Bets can be placed on point spreads, point totals, props, futures, and money line winners. Betting live sportbook options are limited and only offered at a few top online sportbooks.

Live betting at Bet 365

Bet 365 is the best sportbook to bet live at. After the tip off you can bet on the game spread, money line, totals and future scores. Bet 365 gives you ample amount of time to place your bet between possessions allowing bets to be made easily. Bet 365 lists the most games and sports on their live betting software. Any team that has betting popularity ushaly has live odds and lines. Bet365 does not offer many props on their live betting software and xylocaine online that is an area where they could improve. Live betting is the newest way to place your bets and thanks to the advances in online technology. This new betting technology is only found on a few sites, with Bet 365 leading the way with the best overall Live betting sportbook. With this new betting style there are some quick and easy ways to beat the books and win some money. To learn some winning tricks please read articles about our live betting system

Live betting at Bodog

Bodog Sportsbook has put alot of time in developing their live betting software “Bodog Live”. Bodog Live has an excellent layout that is very simple to use. The load time is by far fastest than any other online sportbook which is a huge factor in placing a live bet, one second lost in live betting can cause you to miss a winning line. Bodog Live has alot of lines and odds but mostly to do with props and futures. They do have spreads, totals and money line bets but they are visible less often. Bodog Live has a fun feel to it and placing your bets is as simples as a few clicks.

Live betting at Betbubbles

Betbubbles is the perfect median of speed, and betting lines. Betbubbles offers a fair variety of games and sports on their live betting sportsbook software. They offer props, futures, spreads, totals and money line bets giving you all the possibilities to bet on. Betbubbles has a nice layout with quick upload speed, placing a bet it easy and stress free. Betbubbles is open to U.S players but blocked for Canadians like myself. If you are looking for a place to bet on sports live, is the best place to bet.

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